1000 new jobs will offer the new Honduran Brewery Plant

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

With an investment of 590 million lempiras, the Honduran Brewery Plant, “Cervecería Hondureña” will expand its beer production plant.

Yesterday, Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, along with Cervecería Hondureña president, Paola Bondy, the mayor of San Pedro Sula, Armando Calidonio and maquila and private sector representatives witnessed setting the first block of this new plant.

This is the largest investment made in production capacity in the history of the Brewery and will allow the creation of a thousand direct and indirect jobs.

With the expansion of the plant, Cervecería Hondureña will be able to almost double production to bring it to 2.6 million hectoliters by 2020. “Cervecería Hondureña is a company that believes and invests in our country and in our people”, said Paola Bondy, president of the Honduran Brewery. “We dream to unite people for a better world, we dream of a Honduras that grows, that prospers, that generates wealth for our families,” she said.

She highlighted the company’s responsibility over its 102-year history, during which time the founders’ vision of generating growth, wealth and prosperity for Honduras remained intact.


200 direct and 800 indirect jobs will be created. Every day they serve 25,000 retailers out of the 75,000 in the country.

Today we re-write a more successful story and we do it in a great moment for our country. We are an industry in constant and dynamic evolution, with brands and presentations elaborated with the sole purpose of attending to a consumer who knows, distinguishes and demands,” she said.

Bondy emphasized the inescapable commitment to produce a quality beer that should be consumed in moderation.

“This has been our permanent commitment to Honduras: to encourage moderate consumption and to educate our consumers to enjoy a refreshing and social drink,” she confirmed.

The agreement for this investment was signed last June between President Hernandez and the company’s president, in the city of Miami, Florida, during meetings prior to the North Triangle Summit for Prosperity and Security.

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The new investment was made thanks to the promotion carried out through the National Program for Economic Development Honduras 20/20.


President Juan Orlando Hernandez said that seeing Cervecería Hondureña committing itself to such an investment is motivating and a sign that Honduras is changing.

Cervecería Hondureña, founded in 1915, has more than a century of operations, representing in 2016 more than 3% of national GDP.

“We must sustain that growth and be solid in time, only then we will achieve our country´s true transformation.” she explained.

Hernández thanked Cervecería Hondureña and AB Inbev conglomerate for taking advantage of this great business climate Honduras is offering thanks to Honduras 2020 Program.

“This country will no longer be stopped by anyone, only God. We have surpassed a dificult abyss and He has been generous with us. That is why we have to continue this great effort in understanding that the Government will only be a facilitation entity, always remembering that the employment generation created by the private sector, can´t be substituted”, he assured.

He emphasized that this was the thriving and dynamic San Pedro Sula he wanted to see. A city that is once again the industrial capital of the country, “flourishing industries are synonym of development, prosperity and wealth for Honduras.”

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