RCJ Corp, a 100% Honduran capital company inaugurated  the first private industrial chemical logistic park “Estela Joch” located on CA-13 just 30 km from Puerto Cortés, the largest seaport in Honduras.

The first phase of the logistics park includes 9 warehouses of different sizes totaling 16,000 m2 with a nominal capacity of solid bulk storage and packaging of 73,600 metric tons (162.2 million pounds), with specialized equipment for the handling of packaged and bulk solid chemicals, as well as the packaging of the different products in their different presentations.

The park has been named “Estela Joch” in honor of the mother of its founders, Richard & Rony Carrillo Joch who define it as “A lady, example of work, honesty, perseverance and faith”.

Additionally, Tecno Supplier, the first company of RCJ Corp, also celebrates 20 years of service to the national and regional production industry, providing the supply of chemicals and raw materials for the textile, food, mining, detergent, cosmetics and chemical industries. general; in a responsible, timely manner and with an excellent level of customer service, exporting to the markets of the region. It also has a physical presence in the Dominican Republic, with legal status, also serving the textile and general chemical industries of the Island.

Richard Carrillo, (Director of Foreign Business at RCJ Corporación), comments: “We are very grateful to God, and very happy with this new expansion that allows us to further strengthen our logistical capabilities to cope with the growth of industries in our country and region of”.

Rony Carrillo (CEO of RCJ Corporación); “This park becomes a reliable option for the industry of national and regional production, to meet the needs of administration, control and supply of inventories of their raw materials. We trust in God, to be able to continue developing our business vision, and contribute in this way with the industrial development of Honduras, and the personal and professional development of us Hondurans. ”

During its construction phase, the Industrial Chemical Logistics Park “Estela Joch” provided direct employment to more than 250 people, and indirectly to more than 200 people, as well as for the group of companies that will operate in its facilities, requires the work of 200 people direct and 150 indirect people.


Source: Mr. Américo Hernández – Asociación Hondureña de Maquiladores

Tigo Honduras announces a new investment for US $ 25 millions in a modern Data Center

New Data Center TIGO Honduras

Tigo Honduras will build a modern Data Center to promote the digital economy

Tegucigalpa, October 09, 2018. Tigo, one of the largest investors in Honduras and telecommunications leader, announced the start of the construction of its new and modern Data Center, one of the largest in the region in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In order to contribute significantly to the digital transformation of national companies and be a facilitator resource to attract foreign investment, Tigo Honduras, with an investment between US $ 17M and US $ 25 million, will put its new data center into operation, which will allow organizations from different industries to manage their information in a safe, flexible and innovative way.

Mauricio Ramos, CEO of Millicon commented: “During the last two years, at Millicom we have had a strategic focus in the construction of high speed networks, in Tigo Honduras, we have grown in the business implementing both the 4G LTE network for mobile, As our corporate business, reaching more companies in Honduras and the construction of this data center will allow us to provide cloud services, applications, as well as connectivity, storage and world-class data security. This strategy has brought growth to our market in Latin America, especially during the second half of last year.


  1. First Data Center to provide cloud services to the business sector under certified TIER III design and construction facilities.
  2. The infrastructure will have 4,200 square meters.
  3.  Integrate services of Cloud Servers, applications, storage, backup and recovery and cloud environments in private, public and hybrid environments.


Source: TIGO – More information at