Within the framework of the delivery by President Juan Orlando Hernández, to 251 families of their own house in the Green Valley residential area, the first phase of this social housing project of private investment was inaugurated that will benefit more than 3,000 families with their own home.

This Green Valley project located in the community of Naco, municipality of Quimistan, Santa Barbará has various amenities and benefits for their owners among which has a government bonus of L, 110,000 (US $ 4500) granted by Convivienda to the buyer.

The social housing projects promoted through the Honduras 20/20 program are achieving an important generation of employment (Up to 100,000 new Jobs)  in the construction sector and supplying the housing need of an important sector of the population that now, thanks to the efforts of the Government, can access have their own home in these investment projects purely private.

The Director of the Private Sector of Honduras 20/20, Mr. Jesús Canahuati said: “There is nothing more satisfying than being in an event where several people have access to their own home. This is a housing project that must be supported at the national level through Convivienda.

CONVIVIENDA, national office to promote social housing investment,  offers a diverse numbers of programs and incentives that motivate the supply and demand in the sector: “Bono Vida Mejor” Program (Demand), Contribution, Bonus and Credit Program ABC (Demand), Middle Income Program (Demand) and Financial Support for the Developer  (AFD) – (Supply).

  • The AFD program and the $ 3,780 given as an advance payment of the subsidy is used as seed money by the investor.

More than 94% of the Honduran population has an income of 3 or less minimum wages per month, which means the majority of the Hondurans can be benefited with the government subsidy and can apply for the purchase of a social home.

The subsidies given by the government increases the amount of people that can access the purchase of a house, creating a great demand in the market.