Honduras The New Power of the BPO/ITO Sector in Central America.

Honduras is the new destination for Outsourcing in Business Process and Information Technology Services (BPO/ITO), currently with the presence of important key players in the Call Center Industry. Within the framework of the Honduras 20|20 Program, this sector was identified as one of the fastest growing (6% annually) since it has the key components for this type of investment to foster the country as the new power in the Central American region.

BPO activity is concentrated in the country´s two main cities, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. 95% of this companies serving the United States market and the remaining 5% serving Canada and others.



At the time, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 63.6% of the Honduran population is under the age of 29, which accounts for 78.7% of the population within working range.

Human Resources

The outsourcing of services requires prepared and bilingual human talent. In Honduras, at least ten thousand young bilingual professionals graduate each year coming from 851 schools ready to enter the labor market dominating English as their second language. (National Education Ministry)

In 2015, the Government´s Call Center Scholarship program was created, whose content was designed to develop the skills required in this industry, such as advanced English, computing, work skills and call center management.

Currently, 2,184 young people attend this training courses, which translate into immediate work force availability for companies dedicated to this sector. It is estimated that today this growing industry provides employment to at least eight thousand bilingual Hondurans.

Additionally, the “Yes We Can” (INFOP) English Training Program graduated around 500 young students in 2016.


At the time, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 63.6% of the Honduran population is under the age of 29, which accounts for 78.7% of the population within working range.

Another important aspect, is labor cost. Honduras has one of the most attractive costs in the Central American region. This labor competitive costs were obtained thanks to the synergy established between the government structure and private sector.

The country keeps thriving to improve its competitiveness. It has achieved high improvement competitive levels in Latin America, ranking also third place among countries with better transformations worldwide, increasing 12 positions on the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum, due to macroeconomic stability improvements, labor market flexibility and significant improvement in safety indicators.

As a value proposition, Honduras works to provide the best environment for stability in the Business Services industry. This is achieved through initiatives focused on efficient business climate and labor market flexibility (National Hourly Employment Program), promoting education and professional training courses as a mechanism to facilitate their insertion, better income, productivity and competitiveness.


Since 1990, Honduras has signed nine agreements with the International Monetary Fund, Recently, government authorities received IMF staff mission,  which stated on its recent evaluation visit to the country in June 2017, the following:

“The team is encouraged by the continued strengthening of the Honduran economy, including advances in the security situation. The economy grew steadily at 3.6 percent in 2016. The outlook for 2017 remains favorable. Real GDP growth through 2017 Q1 is estimated between 4 to 4.5percent (y/y)”

International Monetary Fund (June, 2017)


In terms of infrastructure, Honduras meets all the specific requirements for the development of the sector.

An industrial park with “Class A” buildings was built, dedicated exclusively to BPO development. A combination of environments where we now find important companies such as: Convergys, Startek, Alorica among others.

In 2017, constructions of additional projects in order to expand the infrastructure offer have already started in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.

World class infrastructure at competitive costs is available. Rent starting at around US$ 18 per square meter, electricity costs from US$ 0.16 Kw/H, water from US$ 0.70 per cubic meter and internet US$ 2337 per 100MB.


The country´s connectivity is maintained via internet through the Maya 1 and Arcos 1 submarine cables as part of the Americas Network Access Point (NAP). Additionally, Honduras has an ideal geographical location with a convenient time zone to United States.

Honduras works and guides all of its efforts in providing the most attractive mechanisms and incentives for foreign investment.

Honduras is ON as the outsourcing destination!



For Convergys executives, the experience in the country has been extremely positive. Stating the following:

José M. Moreno Director of Corvergys Honduras

In 2013, we started with 50 employees and today we have surpassed 800. The level of services and the results generated by the Honduran work team represent a differentiation key point and a competitive advantage for our clients that allow us to grow and expand the programs in the country. We hope to continue attracting investments by developing talent and contributing to the community

The industry´s key players, such as: Startek, Knoah, Allied Global, Partner Hero, Collective Solution, ZeroVariance, KM2Solutions, among others have already trusted Honduras.


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