Honduras has set as a goal, become one of the top destinations in the Caribbean with an exclusive combination of World Class Infrastructure, access to exotic ruins and the world´s second largest coral reef among other natural exotic beauties. The Honduras 2020 Program has prioritized tourism as one of the key sectors to generate accelerated economic growth and greater social welfare through the creation of productive employment over the next five years, as well as doubling our exports and increasing the number of Tourists we receive y in about a million additional visitors. To achieve this goal, the H2020 Program has identified a number of changes required in the competitiveness of the country. The above in order to close the gaps that currently have in this matter, compared with other countries in the region and other competitors in the tourism industry. To achieve the vision and execute the value proposal, a plan has been developed to fill gaps in the 7 key development enablers:  




Develop new routes and attract new operating airlines, finish the “corredor turístico” that improves the connectivity of the Caribbean Coast.  


Private investment

Promote law to encourage private investment to ensure a competitive return compared to other investment alternatives.  


Hotel Infrastructure and Urbanization

Development of the master plan of the main destinations including social and environmental sustainability. Promote the attraction of international investment to Honduras


Entertainment Infrastructure

Construction and improvement of related infrastructure, golf courses, nightlife venues, theme parks, sports fields, diving equipment, etc.  



Support the training plan to strengthen the Tourism Police to provide a better security.  


Talented Human Resource

Strengthen potential employers and educational infrastructure to provide an excellent customer experience.  


Marketing and promotion of the destination

Develop media strategy to communicate attractiveness of the country and design promotion strategy focused on products, segments and target markets.  

Past August 10, 2017, The National Congress approved a new Tourism Promotion Law (LFT), an instrument that allows the country to compete in better conditions with the rest of tourist destinations. LFT includes a package of incentives for Investment (local or International) that aim to develop sustainable jobs. Incentives apply to entrepreneurs investing in Honduras, existing companies making additional investments for more than 35 % of their initial investment will enjoy this new legal framework and Fiscal stability agreements. Incentives for the investment of natural and legal person are also included, a fund to support land and air transportation companies in Tourism, the possibility of setting up investment trust funds; and special provisions on municipal permits and taxes. This new law will promote real growth to improve the life quality to the Honduran population. Honduras is the only country in the region that offers a diverse variety of tourist attributes, including: archeology, culture, beaches, diving, nature, colonial, adventure, among others.  

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Tourism Law

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